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Welcome to Collaborations! Performed in both Chicago and Atlanta,   The festival demonstrates what happens when two or more of any art form merge within the same piece.  Its purpose, beyond producing a lively, eclectic, one-of–a kind show, is to bring artists of all cultures together and to help unify the often segregated cultural Arts Community.  Collaborations are important not just in art, but in life.  By working together, artists, and people in general are stretched further than themselves. 

Each piece is about five minutes in length, has a solid theatrical concept, and involves a different combination of artistic disciplines.  The art forms featured before in this festival include but are not limited to: dance, theater, spoken word, poetry, film, comedy, music, visual art, maskwork, circus arts, bubble juggling, puppetry, fashion, human beatboxing, and parkour (freerunning).   As an audience member, you make up the final part of our collaboration!

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