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Welcome to SoleStance,(TM) a non for profit corporation through the state of Illinois. Our mission is "the promotion and education of all world cultures with the intention of breaking down boundaries while simultaneously celebrating the differences". SoleStance  hosts various events including but not limited to artistic shows and festivals, lectures, classes, outreach, programs, discussion groups, corporate events, and festivals. We believe that the main cause of strife and disunity in the world has to do with ignorance. We hope to dissolve this disunity and discord by EDUCATION. When people understand more about one another, they are less afraid and therefore more unity and harmony is the result.

SoleStance (TM)began in the fall of 2000 with its first official SoleStance Dance festival production in Chicago. SoleStance Dance Festival grew in eight years in Chicago and involved more than 1000 dancers and tech people within their shows. In 2006, SoleStance became more of an umbrella company and began producing other shows under its name including Collaborations Chicago and Comedies Chicago. In 2009 SoleStance expanded to begin to produce Collaborations Atlanta, and in 2014 SoleStance began a collaboration with the Bhar Art Gallery in Denver called “Raising the Bhar.”  In addition SoleStance has done other collaborations including “Hello Hallo” with The Art Center of Highland Park and “Dance Divinity Diversity” the World Day event at the Bahai temple.




Jamie Horban began SoleStance(TM) in the spring of 2000 and has slowly grown it from one dance festival to multiple events nationwide. She is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, producer, and events coordinator and has worked in several states across the country and for multiple companies. Born and raised in Chicago, she graduated from Northwestern University and trained with several dance companies in Chicago including Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Gus Giordano, Ruth Page, Joel Hall, and Evanston School of Ballet. in 2008 she left Chicago to live and work in different regions of the united states for ten years. Her travels lead her to produce shows in other cities, work for multiple dance,film, production,and event companies and choreograph in many different environments. She has experience teaching and dancing all dance forms including ballet, jazz, modern, musical theater, tap, lyrical, as well as most cultural forms. Some of the dance and theater companies that Jamie has worked for include but are not limited to Atlanta Ballet, Northlight Theater, Interlochen Arts Academy, Blue Lake Fine Arts, Watertown Children’s theater, Vintage Theater, CK Dance Company, Ballet Legere, Stone Mountain Park, Point Sebago Resort, Lou Conte Dance Studio, Jean Ann Ryan Productions, Cirque Du Soleil, Wolf Theater, Metropolis Theater, DDO Agency, Onstage Dance Company, Stevenson High School, The Chicago Cultural Center, Artreach, Chinese Angel Dance company, Decatur Arts Festival, Dance Chicago and many others. 

Jamie has a solid faith in the Divine and has a passion for bringing everyone together in peace and harmony with an emphasis on individuality and creativity within a respectful, positive and honest environment.. 


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