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Collaborations Atlanta - Where art Forms Collide! This is a show that demonstrates what happens when two or more of any art form merge within the same piece. Watch as dancers, acrobats, musicians, magicians, jugglers, actors, spoken word artists, poets, visual artists, film makers and many other Atlanta artists light up the stage with a presence that may make you laugh, cry, or shudder in awe! Each piece on the program is a collaboration between two or more art forms. Collaborations are important not only in art, but in life. As an audience member you make up the final part of our collaboration! (read more...)

Date: Sat. May 12, 2012 at 8pm
Tickets: $10 | Buy Tickets Online
Location: The Beam Atlanta, 750 Glenwood Ave. SE Atlanta, Ga 30316

Directions: From Route 20 Take the Moreland Ave. South Exit
Make a Right on Glenwood Ave. SE. The Beam will be on your right up a small driveway on the top of the hill


From Ballet To Belly!
Jazz dancers leaping for Frisbees!  Hawaiian dancers summoning the ancient hula!  Acrobats flipping through suspended fabric!  Couples dueling in an Argentinean Tango!  These are a few of the images presented in the popular annual Solestance Dance Festival.
“It's our variety that makes us unique,” exclaims Jamie Horban, the show’s founder and producer.  “No other dance festival in Chicago offers so many styles or ethnic groups on one program.”
Some of the styles that have been featured on Solestance  include  ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip-hop, salsa, flamenco, acrobatics, Indian, Hawaiian, belly dance, Latin, ballroom, swing, gypsy, tango and Celtic. 

Each year, fifteen  talented choreographers and groups from different locations in Chicago are unified under one roof.  As a result, the audience of SoleStance experiences sixteen  different dance pieces representing an incredible variety in style and tone in the course of one night.  Horban’s purpose is to create a lively, eclectic, one-of-a-kind show that both educates and entertains.  “There is always something for everyone,” Ms. Horban comments.

In addition to providing the audience with a pleasurable viewing experience, SoleStance also has a loftier ideal. “Unifying the often segmented dance community has long been a goal of SoleStance,” comments Ms. Horban. The 31-year-old producer has made it her goal to help network artists in the Chicago community.  “Collaboration is so very important, yet it is often difficult for dancers to locate each other.” Each year, all the dancers in SoleStance return to the stage for the final piece on the program: a collaborative effort between everyone involved in the show. “Imagine a dance piece  that spans so many styles!  It really is very exciting every year to see what emerges!” exclaims Ms. Horban.

about the director

Jamie Horban began dancing at the age of four.  She has studied with Evanston School Ballet, Ruth Page, Ellis du Boulet, Lou Conte, Gus Giordano, Belle Plaine Dance Studio, Joel Hall, and Columbia College.  She graduated from Northwestern University with a BS in Dance and Film.  Since graduation, she has performed with numerous companies and choreographers, including Mikhail Baryshnikov’s famous White Oak Dance Project


about Solestance

SoleStance, a Chicago-based dance festival now in its seventh season, is the brainchild of dancer and choreographer Jamie Horban.  The festival’s mission is to showcase and promote emerging talent from the Chicagoland area, while providing an entertaining, accessible and educational show for the audience.more...